Pre Dispatch Inspection Poka Yoke System

Project Objective
A engine has various subparts which are fixed on various locations on the engine body. These parts varies with the engine family and hence the errors may occur while checking the parts manually whether these parts are present on the engine body or not. There is a need of an automated vision system to check the engine parts whether detected or not. To avoid such errors, ARAV Technologies developed a machine vision based system that will perform visual inspection of the engine which is placed on the fixture and after that parts are inspected by the operator. The inspection will involve detection of the current positioning of the parts and comparing it with the expected positions of parts on the engine body. The system will provide detailed report of the failure and assistance to the operator to fix the issue before proceeding to the next engine.

The inspection system consists of camera and LED lighting that are controlled by the application running on the computer. The camera will then process the image and look for the parts and detect their presence. The result will be displayed on the computer screen with specific details of the error. The operator will be allowed to make the necessary changes like SKIP and RESCAN the part. On a successful inspection, the PASS signal is sent to SCADA.