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An Introduction

EasyVBAI from ARAV Technologies is an Add-On for NI VBAI which offers simple, effective, easy to configure User Interface (UI) for image processing scripts developed in NI VBAI, so that the developer can focus on VBAI scripting rather than the UI components.

It also simplifies the maintainability of system by decoupling image processing script from the EasyVBAI UI. Users also get to decide which of the VBAI test step results to include for displaying the overall test result on the UI.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Customizable components on user interface.
  • Scales/fits the full screen space automagically.
  • Option for adding User Manual/Help Documentation for end user.

Easy Installation

Comes with windows installer for easy installation of the software and its dependencies.

Easy Configuration Setup

Create a unique configuration for each unique project or customer by just updating the preferences list. Reuse it when you need it.

Choose Your Steps For Final Result

Choose which steps you want to consider for your final result. Want to Exclude or Include an existing step from the list after deployment, just change the step list not the VBAI script.

Password Protected Preference Setup

Access to preferences is password protected, so no one can modify it without your permission.

Support Industry Standard Cameras And PLCsInstrument Repository

Get to choose the camera that fits your need and budget. NI VBAI supports all major Industrial and PLC based cameras.

Purchase Options

Download Free version of EasyVBAI using the given link to try before purchase Download EasyVBAI .
You will need one license per system for both deployment and/or development.

Attractive discount options are available when you purchase NI VBAI + EasyVBAI combo from us.

Add-on Pack Deployment Pack Development Pack
EasyVBAI Addon




NI VBAI Deployment License


NI VBAI Development License






Customers In India
Customers Outside India

Taxes Extra As Applicable

*Price includes 10% discount on NI listed price for NI VBAI Deployment/Development License
Write to us at info@aravtech.com for multiple licenses.

| Download EasyVBAI |  | EasyVBAI User Manual |  | EasyVBAI Installation Guide |  | Download Brochure |  | Video |