CMS - Calibration Management System

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An Introduction

In today's world of strict standards and compulsory regulatory compliance, it isn't enough that we buy a smart equipment that meets these standards and requirements, but equally important that the equipment is routinely calibrated,
inspected, checked so that its accuracy and fitness for use are maintained.

Calibration Management System is an online tool that helps an organization achieve the above objective - keeping equipment fit and audit ready. The system offers an easy to use graphical interface with the following features.
  • To add/update devices, instruments and machines.
  • To add/update users and user permissions.
  • To generate/view reports in pdf format.

The system generates periodic reminders to the organization about the required upcoming re-calibration of the instruments thus helping them achieve process and regulatory compliance. It also maintains log of all the activities for audit purposes.


The dashboard gives access to all the features of the Calibration Management System based on the user privileges.

Instrument Management

  • Add details of new instrument into the system.
  • View the list of instruments present in the system.
  • Edit details of an instrument present in the system.
  • Upload certificates.

User Management

  • Add details of new users into the system.
  • View the list of users present in the system.
  • Edit details of an user present in the system.
  • Update or modify user permissions.

Report Management

  • View the reports generated by different users.
  • Generate a new report as required.

On the Web

Calibration Management System is a web based tool, so you don't have to worry about software dependencies, speed and space. It is also device independent so you can access it using your computer, laptop or a tablet.

User Access

Access to the tool is password protected. Access to different features of the tool can be configured on a need-to-know-basis for each user.

Safety & Security

All communication is SSL secured using SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe with us.

One Click History

Get complete history of a device from the time it was created in the system to its present status, including what was changed and who changed it.

Instrument Repository

Repository for storing all your instrument data,certificates, images, calibration history.

Email Alerts

Email alerts for upcoming calibration, modification to user/instrument data or status.Calibration alerts can be sent to both users and calibration agency one month/week/day prior to the re-calibration due date.

Report Generation

Generate report by configuring various predefined parameters Ex: Status, Make, Due Date etc ...


Plugin to help upload device/instruments data supported by NI MAX.

Approval For All Changes

Mandatory approval for any change to instrument/user data/status.

Pay as you use

We offer flexible purchasing options depending on your requirements. For a FREE demo account or for further details, please contact us at

| Download CMS Plugin |  | CMS Help |  | CMS Plugin Installation And User Guide |  | Download Brochure |  | CMS Training Material |  | Video|